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Cloud Services

Cloud Services


Jithendra Kumar

Expert in Cloud Services
Jithendra manages the Professional Services business unit of Komhar’s Hyderabad office and is responsible for the growth of IT services by developing competent management and technical training programs. He is highly results-oriented IT Leader with over 12 years of experience with strong technology and management skills. He brings expertise in using various ETL tools (Ab Initio, DataStage, Informatica and various open source) , Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence , Cloud Technologies and Big Data domain in Banking , Payment ,Ecommerce and Finance industries.
Recently, he successfully delivered migration projects from Legacy ETL/ELT platforms to leading Cloud platforms.


Cloud Integration is not just to connect the disparate elements of various cloud and local resources into a single, ubiquitous environment but also to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and higher return of investment (ROI) by consolidating infrastructure and streamlining cost of new services.

We helped our clients to build their integration platform on Cloud such as AWS, Google, Snowflake, RedShift and Azure by providing real-time data processing, creating Enterprise Data Lake, reducing Infrastructure cost in terms of money and managing, scalability, elasticity and resource sharing.

  • AWS SQS, EC2, S3, Redshift & Spectrum, Athena, EMR
  • Azure Service Bus, VM’s, Data Factory, Blob storage, Synapse Analytics
  • Google Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, Big Query
  • Snowflake

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