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On Prem Data Warehouse migration

On Prem Data Warehouse MIGRATION TO CLOUD BASED WAREHOUSE (Financial company in USA)


On Prem Data Warehouse MIGRATION TO CLOUD BASED WAREHOUSE (Financial company in USA)



Our solution

The customer had various data sources throughout disparate systems with data being consolidated in an on-premises data warehouse to support reporting and analytics. To support a new Cloud first initiative, they planned to migrate their on-premises data warehouse to Cloud based warehouse.
• Install & Configure ETL tool Remote Engine On-Premise, required databases: Extracted raw data using ETL tool under Cloud file-based storage.
• Transform Data under Cloud file-based storage Prefix (XFR), Create Load Ready files under Cloud file-based storage Prefix (FINAL).
• Load Data using ETL tool into Cloud based database.
The migration included the existing data warehouse on various database platforms, ETL tools to populate the data warehouse and reports that currently run against the data warehouse.
• Configure fully managed messaging service, Storage Integration to point to the upload location with appropriate Cloud Role(s). Associate messaging service to Cloud warehouse queue notification service, load CSV data using Serverless architecture.
• Run existing warehouse and target Cloud based warehouse in parallel for a month, compare and validate the datasets.


• Modern infrastructure, Tech Debt Remediation and Predictable Cost to Operate
• Simplified operations and support structure for maintenance.
• Ability to scale and manage SLAs by having access to OnDemand capacity offered by cloud.

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