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Data and Platform migration

Data and Platform migration Case Study


Client: Educational domain



Our solution

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and High return on investment (ROI) by performing cost optimization, consolidating infrastructure and use of consolidated managed services.
Stored data on a centralized cheaper Cloud based storage with proper partition strategy.
Streamline Data Architecture by establishing centralized data repository, rationalize, re-structure and de-normalize data by developing a new consolidated Data Model along with data security.
Transformed data using Cloud distributed technologies to consolidate data processing technologies.
Scalability and Elasticity of infrastructure and data processing.
Business critical data was only stored on the Cloud based database storage and non-business was being pulled from the cheaper storage.
Data and Resource sharing strategy
Infrastructure was setup to scale automatically during high volume periods.
DevOps strategy
Parts of Reports were consolidated which were using the same datasets by extracting once.


Speed of the reports and dashboards were optimized by 65% to 75% for over 250 reports/dashboards.
Cost of infrastructure was reduced by 50% – 55%.

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