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Banking Data Lineage

Banking Data Lineage (Financial company in US)


Banking Data Lineage (Financial company in US)



Our solution

Business terms were not standardized, could not be identified without a corresponding physical asset and cannot be linked to multiple assets
Created program to read inputs based on the target repository format and loaded using REST API
Current DB2 z/OS based business glossary was not intuitive, tool and project specific, not user friendly
Integrated Metadata for data lineage for INFA, Cognos, SQL scripts UDB, SSAS cubes. Assigned business terms to technical metadata
Data lineage- no integrated capabilities, multiple silos, lack of documentation specs, not trusted, difficult to track, lacking for SSAS cubes, UDB, INFA & Cognos
Created automated metadata extraction and integration for lineage and documentation


Enabled better data governance by providing data lineage across multiple BI and ETL applications running on different platforms (INFA, Cognos, Mainframe DB2, DataStage, etc.)

Accelerated business decision making by providing efficient business glossary, standards and accuracy.

Reduce cost of data integration processes by identifying redundancy in processes and streamlined ETL process by reducing redundant processes


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