Komhar Trainings

Over the years we have developed a set of conceptual content that related with real life use cases of blockchain platforms like Ethereum, IoT, legacy system integration with blockchain ledger systems. We have direct industry case studies which we have converted to a set of training sessions for CTOs, Managers, developers get up to speed with potential of blockchain tech in their specific domain

Content - 12 hours

# Module Description
1 Distributed Ledger Paradigm Relevance of a transaction ledger in Finance, Logistics, Healthcare, Domain Consortium
2 Blockchain Basics (Blockchain, Tangle, Merkle) Ledger Structures, Consensus, Distributed hashes
3 Platforms - Ethereum Ethereum as a system under study - EVM, Ethash, Solidity
4 Blockchain Node Setup Hands on - setup a ethereum blockchain node
5 Smart Contracts, Solidity, Web3 Hands on - develop smart contract for specific use cases
6 ICOs, Cryptocurrencies Hands on - develop your own cryptocurrency, create an ICO
7 Blockchain Tools Hands on - Block Explorers, remix IDE, truffle

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