Distributed ledgers, commonly referred to as Blockchain, are being leveraged by a variety of industries for multiple applications. The applications are wide-ranging, as the potential of Blockchain continues to be discovered. From financial services to airlines to manufacturers, Blockchain technology is impacting and often redesigning traditional business methods.

The reengineered business model enables the repositioning of products and services, addressing customers through new channels and modes of engagement, and becoming an even greater competitive force. For more than a decade, KOMHAR has been engaged successfully to develop strategies for companies seeking to leverage a reengineered business model.

For any industry and enterprise, Key questions to answer

  • How significant is Blockchain for the my (example: financial services)  industry?

  • Where does Blockchain provide the greatest competitive advantage?

  • Which business processes will be most impacted by Blockchain?

  • How will Blockchain improve product and service / product offerings?

  • What Blockchain capabilities should be developed and over what time frame and cost?

  • What cost savings opportunities does Blockchain represent? What is the business case?

  • What is the best first step to developing Blockchain?

Implementation Strategy

From the complex ecosystem to the nascence of the technology, navigating and implementing Blockchain can seem to be a daunting task. The technology is expected to fundamentally alter the competitive landscape, presenting a challenge for incumbents seeking to evolve product implementations. We help you identify the vendors that best suit project needs and prioritize the areas that offer the greatest benefits from transition to Blockchain.


KOMHAR excels at understanding, explaining, and navigating complex ecosystems. We have helped companies in a variety of industries implement disruptive technologies.

As experts in disruptive technologies, KOMHAR is positioned to provide valuable insights on how to best apply, integrate, and benefit from Blockchain.


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