Business value delivery chain optimization - Blockchain enabled Internet of Things.

Stay tuned.

Komhar vision is to help marketplace get ahead in today’s global economy, through automation and crypto-currency integration across software applications and devices. Over the next few months, we’ll release additional information about our product and ICO roadmap. Our goal is to innovate traditional supply chain and to provide its participants full control for following.

  • Efficient flow of Material / Goods.
  • Transparent and reliable flow of Information across parties.
  • Collateral, Capital, Payment and real-time access to capital.
  • Manage Identity, Compliance and enforce Terms and Conditions.
  • Facilitate Trade Finance and Escrow Funds Management.

To assist with this, KOMHAR is in process of assembling a world class team to design and develop its specialized SoCs that can become first class citizens of an economy enabled on distributed platforms like ethereum, IOTA, IPFS and others. We are partnering with global experts to ensure our product is inclusive and accessible for diverse users.