Leveraging our extensive involvement with disruptive technologies in industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide guidance on distributed ledgers and the impacts to the ecosystems, value-chains, and strategies of incumbents

  • Business model innovation

  • Ecosystem development

  • Use case development

  • Pilot program analysis

  • KOMHARS Blockchain Seminars


Business Model Innovation

While billions of capital flows have enabled Blockchain new entrants, no clear industry consensus exists on Blockchain beyond that it is an innovative technology platform with the potential to redefine multiple industry segments. KOMHAR believes that the transformative potential of Blockchain will manifest as sustained, market-shifting technology innovation, challenging existing business models. KOMHAR has served market leaders by defining the emerging business model landscape, identifying natural extensions of value, and redesigning the strategy to effectively compete with challenging new market entrants. Our recommendations have enabled incumbents to refocus their efforts as new entrants shift industry profits.


Ecosystem Development

The Blockchain universe is rapidly expanding, generating new entrants, use cases, and business models. This complexity will both challenge incumbents and generate new future leaders. Navigating the changing environment requires understanding the pace of development and the path to strategic success. KOMHAR has successfully assisted clients in defining new ecosystems and has deeply assessed future roles. As industry dynamics changed, we helped our clients to leverage existing competencies in targeted and value-accretive directions within an ecosystem context.


Use Case Development

Leading financial services organizations are asking if and how Blockchain can be applied to drive operating leverage. To assist clients, KOMHAR has identified market opportunities and related business models to identify where the greatest leverage can be generated. Moreover, we focus on actionable models. KOMHAR has worked with Fortune 500 leadership to develop new growth platform strategies in markets shifted by disruptive technologies. We have defined the roadmaps for both organic and inorganic investments and identified the segments that offered the greatest return. We enabled development of a long-term perspective on market structure as disruptive technology gained broader adoption.

Pilot Program Analysis

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, the transition to a Blockchain-focused company is likely to start with an experimental phase, or pilot program. We identify the business lines, products, and services that are best suited for a developmental program. We then monitor and analyze the results, making the necessary adjustments and refinements to ensure a smooth transition to the broader operating environment. KOMHAR has enabled our clients to develop and implement disruptive technologies that invigorated their growth platform.

KOMHARS Blockchain Seminars

Due to the very high demand for executive training, KOMHARS decided to offer an even more intense and comprehensive learning opportunity for decision-makers. The KOMHARS Seminars cover specialist topics such as Regulation, Strategy, the State of the Technology, real world use cases applications, etc. These events usually line up a dozen expert speakers over a few days of seminar, for a very limited number of attendees in an interactive set-up.

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