Komhar - Enabling Harmony

Harmony among disparate systems to facilitate "sys-nergies"

Komhar specializes in distributed ledger technologies like Blockchain Merkle Structures, Directed Acyclic Graphs and cryptographic platforms like Ethereum, EOS, IOTA in integration with legacy stack development.

Who we are

Business Problem Solvers, Integrators and IT experts.

A team of hands on business technologists with experience spanning across decades, domains and companies of all sizes in different geographies. Quality software require deep understanding of security, scalable architecture, disciplined product design / mapping customer journeys, and reliable, repeatable delivery processes. Komhar is a full stack technology startup committed to offer innovative solutions leveraging emerging technologies and its integration with legacy systems.

Capabilities Komhar

App Development/Integration Capabilities

We believe that IT today is essential to every company strategy. Software is only good if it helps drive business processes and create efficiencies for both internal (employees) and external users (consumers and partners). Komhar helps clients to more efficiently achieve their missions, drive organizational change, and get vital information to users by leveraging the latest technologies and developing applications that reduce complexity, improve work flows, and can be rapidly adopted by users.

Data Management / Analytics

Deep experience in all major data integration, metadata management and BI technologies In house training programs for all major technologies (ETL, databases, BI) Innovative, trail blazing solutions such as no-SQL 60 TB analytical system (CFF) for major insurance company

Dev Ops / Cloud Migration Capabilities

DevOps / Cloud Migration is fundamental cultural shift in how software should be developed, managed and operated. It is a change in philosophy in addition to set of enhanced tools and platforms; it is about harmonizing tools with agile processes and the proper organizational structure. We help our clients make this shift through targeted assessment, design, implement, and refine their DevOps delivery processes and supporting platforms. Our methodology reduce the time it takes to provision and deploy new products and strategize for cloud migration.

Payments Capabilities

Komhar team has deep enterprise payments experience, technical expertise, and significant hands on working knowledge of emerging technologies to ensure our clients are well positioned to modernize, optimize, secure their payments capabilities. Our team has industry relationships and expertise across the payments ecosystem in different geographies with understanding of payment networks, issuers processors and POS systems including PCI / DSS compliance requirements.

Research / Trainings / Knowledge

Help train workforce to stay relevant with changing technologies, integration and industry needs. Help companies research on competing products, technology and business domains. Immediate trainings available ( Cloud Migration, Agile / SAFE, Payments, Blockchain, Big Data).

Featured Use cases

Supply Chain

Blockchain Enabled
Supply Chains

Insurance Claim Processing

Blockchain Enabled
Insurance Claims Processing

Trade Finance

Trade Finance System built on Blockchain


Mortgage Execution Enabled through Blockchains

Global Payments

Blockchain Enabled Payments


Blockchain Enabled KYC/AML execution

Why Komhar

Komhar is uniquely positioned to help

Large corporates with established IT budgets to shift focus from systems engineering to business processes reimagining. Bring PoCs to life in a regulated environment.

For SMB make this technology easy and affordable to adopt and benefit from social commerce and crowd sourced identity.

Started out of frustration with current state of marketplace where most of the IT solution providers lack at least one of the following important context or capability

Balanced capabilities across emerging technologies and legacy systems and its operational needs.

Preserve existing investments and improve core business processes speed, reduce cost, errors with in enterprise through incremental and additive technologies.

Readily available integration frameworks/backward compatibility for legacy data and systems.

Ability to build apps to create economic opportunities for the bottom of the pyramid.

Recent news

Recognition By Government of India Startup Program

Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi, India recognized Komhar as a innovative company eligible for start up India tag

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Komhar Supply Chain Solution

Komhar Supply Chain Solution recognized as one of the top 5 at Vizag Blockchain conference.

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Komhar planning for an ICO

Komhar is planning a launch for an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

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