Komhar - Enabling Harmony

Harmony among disparate systems to facilitate "sys-nergies"

Komhar specializes in distributed ledger technologies like Blockchain Merkle Structures, Directed Acyclic Graphs and cryptographic platforms like Ethereum, EOS, IOTA in integration with legacy stack development.

Who we are

Business Problem Solvers, Integrators and IT experts.

A team of hands on business technologists with experience spanning across decades, domains and companies of all sizes in different geographies. Quality software require deep understanding of security, scalable architecture, disciplined product design / mapping customer journeys, and reliable, repeatable delivery processes. Komhar is a full stack technology startup committed to offer innovative solutions leveraging emerging technologies and its integration with legacy systems.

Komhar Solution Porfolio

Supply Chain/Logistics Blockchain Enabled IoT Gateway

Komhar has developed a supply chain and logistics support IOT device (Blockchain Enabled IOT Gateway - BeIG) that wil interact with a community and/or public blockchain to drive the supply chain imperatives. The core solution is patented by Komhar and there is a keen interest from the small and medium logistics/supply chain entities to see how the system can benefit them. Komhar has a pilot user program in place to enable the solution use in a wider context.

Visual Arts/Copyright protection

Komhar has developed a patented technology to protect creative artists from plagiarism with a simple yet powerful usage of blockchain, IPFS and steganographic technique. This core technology has been patented by komhar and is being made available to creative artists, plainters, photographers and fashio designer community as a part of a pilot user program to promote usage and demonstrate the technology's viability.

Komhar - Blockchain Enabled Warehouse

This is mobility solution to enable warehouses to quickly "blockchain-enable" their operations using a simple combination of Smart contracts integrated a a smart phone GPS sensing and camera capabilities. read more...

Komhar - Visual Arts Marketplace

Komhar has developed visual arts marketsplace smart contract and mobile app solution to enable visual art promoters get in touch with new and creative artists through a blockchain based market place. read more...

Featured Use cases

Supply Chain

Blockchain Enabled
Supply Chains

Insurance Claim Processing

Blockchain Enabled
Insurance Claims Processing

Trade Finance

Trade Finance System built on Blockchain


Mortgage Execution Enabled through Blockchains

Global Payments

Blockchain Enabled Payments


Blockchain Enabled KYC/AML execution

Patent Licensing

Komhar has patented the core concepts behind supply chain IOT autonoumous economy and creative art protection technology using blockchains. We are looking to extends the solutioning around these ideas by partnering with solution provider firms use them in their porfolio.

komhar can license the device production rights to enable their usage in a connected blockchain driven standards environment for optimized and integrated supplychain/warehousing/logistics operations.

Komhar can also license the technology as a part of a library or solution that is accepted in the any of the other solutions when integreated with logistics or warehousing processes.

komhar can work with entities in creative arts industry to develop solutions around content protection based on its IP on blockchain and steganography for proof of ownership technology.

Komhar also has its own portfolio of reference implementations of the technology that can be readily integrated with business operations suites at any scale.

Komhar wishes to get into technology partnerships to develop systems embedding the solution enabled by its patented technology for extending the portfolio of existing service providers in any domain that related to logitics, supplychain and content provenance and protection.

If you are interested in licensing the technology or knowing more about it, kindly get in touch with our team.

Recent news

Recognition By Government of India Startup Program

Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi, India recognized Komhar as a innovative company eligible for start up India tag

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Komhar Supply Chain Solution

Komhar Supply Chain Solution recognized as one of the top 5 at Vizag Blockchain conference.

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Komhar planning for an ICO

Komhar is planning a launch for an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

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